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Review: Sin Undone

Sin Undone
Sin Undone by Larissa Ione

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She is a rare, one-of-a-kind being. She is the only female Seminus demon in the world where all the Seminus demons are supposed to be males.

Having similar deadly ability like her twin brother, Lore, Sin accidentally spread a lethal disease to werewolf race and now she should take responsibility for what she has done. However, being a new assassin master, she cannot leave her den freely without fearing those aiming her position trying to kill her. Living her life as an assassin made her uneasy with her recently-found purebred Seminus brothers wanting to protect her and a werewolf-vampire demon caring for her. But she realizes that she cannot keep running away…

Conall is a damphire, a rare mix-breed of vampire and werewolf. He isn’t affected by the disease, and the council of werewolf society wants him to capture Sin to be brought to justice. However, her brothers, who ironically are his bosses in the hospital he works at, want him to protect her and together with her try to find the antidote. Both are dangerous options, since he is in the verge of addiction, addicted to her blood… and something else.

Sin is a very lucky sister to have four muscular and bulky brothers being very protective towards her. I find it very amusing when Wraith calls her Smurfette and Eidolon makes a fool of himself of it. And it is so right when they say that Sin is a female version of Wraith. Both has tendency to sacrifice anything for their loved ones.

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Review: Ecstasy Unveiled

Ecstasy Unveiled
Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never predict that Lore will be the main character. First, he is just revealed in the third book, and at first it seems he is not an important character compared to other minor characters. Second, I have an impression that the fourth book will be about Kynan, recalling he always shows up in previous books and now he is a very important character. Now that I know it’s not about him, I feel sorry for him. But since Lore is the lost brother of the Seminus brothers, I think it makes sense for him to lead the story this time. I really like the scene where he made himself recognized by his brothers by punching Eidolon in a room where nobody can hurt anybody except the Seminus brothers. It’s not every day somebody tells you that he or she is your sibling by punching you.

Lore is a half human and a half Seminus demon working as an assassin for a demon. In order to get himself and his twin sister free from the slavery, he agrees to kill a charmed man with his ability: killing only with a touch of his bare right hand. But it’s not getting easy since the man is a friend of his recently-found brothers. Not to mention that a gorgeous angel is sent to protect the target as well.

Idess is threatened to be stuck on earth for more decades. The charmed human she is assigned to protect is in a mortal danger and she should save him to get her wings and back to Heaven. To her surprise, the attacker, the attracting human-Seminus demon, is also her responsibility to protect. She begins to think that something or someone wants to destroy her and while she tries to find out who and why, she becomes more and more involved with the male.

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Review: Passion Unleashed

Passion Unleashed
Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Among brothers or sisters, there is always one of them who becomes a black goat, like there is always a favourite one. I don’t have any favourite among three brothers of Seminus demons (Eidolon, Shade, and Wraith) in the series at first, but from the first and second book, I don’t really like Wraith (though I despise Roag more). He’s a trouble walking, and his brothers should cover and rescue him from every problem he has done. But reading this third book, I should say that it changes all bad perspectives I had about him completely.

Failed to destroy Shade’s life and ended up in a very miserable state, Roag has succeeded in another evil plan to destroy his youngest brother. Wraith gets shot by a very poisonous venom which does not have any cure and he has a very limited time before he dies. The only way to save him from death is to take the charm of a charmed human female, by taking her virginity.

Serena Kelley is very sick. If not because of her charm, she will die. No harm can be done to her as long as she keeps the charm and to do it, she should stay virgin. Until he met dazzling Wraith in disguise, and it seems dying is not a bad choice. How could it be, when the man keeps showering her with love and protection? Not to mention that the man keeps her safe when her charm doesn’t work properly like it should be.

I start falling in love with Wraith right after he agrees to take Serena’s charm to stop and prevent his brother dying as the result of his dying state. And when he is torn between saving his brothers and keeping Serena alive… Well, it turns out that he is a good-hearted demon, and he totally deserves the happy ending he gets.
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Review: Desire Unchained

Desire Unchained
Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shade and Rugna Wagner are awake finding themselves being trapped in the same cell. Their lives has changed dramatically after that in a sinister plot set by Shade’s evil brother.

Runa Wagner never thinks she will meet Shade again. She was his lover once, until the night she found out his betrayal and an unbelievable fact that he is a demon. After that night her life has changed completely. Now she is a werewolf, and chained to him forever. With so many things that should make her hate him more, she only finds that she is still in love with him.

Being cursed a long time ago, Shade never risks himself to take a mate for himself. And thanks to his evil brother, now he is bonded to Runa forever. She is totally different from before, and he finds her more attractive and tempting. Now he faces a danger of falling in love with her, a mistake that will lead to his doom.

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Review: Pleasure Unbound

Pleasure Unbound
Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first, I found the idea of a hospital running by demons and for demons is remarkably odd. But after I continue reading it, I find that I really enjoy the story, the relationship and life shared by the characters in the hospital, especially the Seminus brothers.

Eidolon is a surgeon working in an extraordinary hospital. Extraordinary, since the hospital is built to serve non-human race, a.k.a. demons, and he, as one of the founders, is a demon himself. One day, a patient is brought to his operation table, a female, a human, and worse, a demon slayer. However, as a breed of a sex demon, he can’t just ignore the passion and desire he has for her.

Tayla Mancuso dedicates herself to slay demons, but when she finds out that she lands in a hospital made for demons and the doctor who has saved her life is a demon, her determination wavers. As well as her body and soul, which is hunger of sensual pleasure promised by the demon. And being with him makes her realize that something dark dwells inside her.

The way Larissa Ione changes the point of view in the story from one character to another new character at first confuses and bores me. But the more pages I read, the more clear what those characters’ role in the story and I should say that they are quite important and cannot be disposed of. For sure, it is a well-written book and worth reading.

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