Hello! My name is Veronica Ika. I’m 24 years old. I know it’s a bit too late for me to start a blog, but, like people often say, “Better late than never.”

I love reading and writing – I’m a true bookworm! I intend to use this blog to post and publish every writings I’ve ever written and every writings I find worth reading start from now on. Please enjoy.


About Me

IMG_PITU_20171221_122700.pngMy full name is Veronica Ika Riesky Purwaningsih. I was born on March 30, 1993, in a small city named Ketapang in West Borneo, Indonesia. I am half Chinese and half Javanese. I am a Catholic (that explains my baptismal name Veronica) and the first daughter from two siblings (my brother is seven years younger from me). I live in Ketapang until I graduated from high school in 2011. I went to University of Padjadjaran in Jatinangor, Sumedang, majoring in English Literature. I graduated in January 2015 and start my career in Jakarta ever since. I prefer to shorten my name into Veronica Ika for my social media accounts (I love the rhyme, too!) but I use Enelis C for all of my writings.


My Hobbies

The first but not the only: reading

I can read since I was 4 years old. Since then, reading is my life. No days have passed without me reading (no wonder I must wear glasses). I read any books in any genre, but recently my favourite genres are mystery, detective or crime, adventure, fantasy and paranormal. Even so, my reading list is not limited to novels only. I also read comics, manga, manhwa, encyclopedias and other fiction books. I can say that I will read any books that pique my interest.

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I collect books since I was in junior high school. I bought them with my pocket money and have them arranged orderly in bookshelves in my home. Later, when I went to college in Jatinangor (and therefore must leave my home and live in a dormitory), I thought it would be ridiculous to bring all my books with me. So, I decided to collect e-books instead. I have a vast collection of ebooks on my laptop and I am still collecting more.

After getting a permanent job in Bandung, I start collecting books again. Only, I collect imported books this time (I collected translated books before). Imported books are rare in my country, and quite pricey, too. So, I don’t have the freedom to buy every book I want. I only buy the best ones, meaning the ones I have read and given five stars and definitely must adorn my shelves. God helps me, though I have set a strict rule about which books I should buy, the list is quite long and getting longer.

Lately, I’m interested to be a bookstagrammer. It is so fun! I can post photos of my favorite books, join bookstagram challenge, and befriend other bookstagrammers. I can tell what books they read and find out what books worth to read. Do take a look: ec_bookloverforever

FYI, I keep a note of every book I read and review on Goodreads. Do take a look: http://www.goodreads.com/veronica_ika

The second but not the last: writing

My love in reading stories has inspired me to be a writer. Having read so many books, I cannot stop the stream of ideas flowing in my mind. Therefore, I start writing them down since I was in junior high school, on a paper, book notes, until I have my own laptop to type them. Unfortunately, back then, I have never thought to store them properly so most of them were gone already. Now, I realize that being a writer is not easy, therefore, this blog will be a means for me to develop my writing skill and teach me to treat my writings better.

The third: listening to music

Music is inseparable from my life. The world is empty without music. I love good and easy-listening music. If I love a song by a certain singer, I tend to keep all of his/her albums. Music helps me in writing as well. I often write while listen to music, particularly instrumental or original soundtracks of my favorite anime.

The fourth: singing

I may not be a best soprano in the world, but I am proud to be born with soprano voice. Maybe because I love listening to music or maybe because I often participate in a choir. Recently, I develop my hobby in singing by covering my favorite songs, even though I’m still very amateur on it. I post all my cover songs on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9KzSKdyMqhzW6gupkD5p0A

The fifth: watching movies

As you know, many good books have been adapted into movies. My curiosity about the film adaptation always gets the best of me. Whether the film adaption is worse or better than the books, I will tend to watch the film adaptation after I read the book, or read the book after I watch the film adaptation. Either way, it will give me a surprise in the end. Maybe, I will write some reviews of film adaptation and compare them with the books.

The sixth: playing games

Honestly, I am addicted to games as I am addicted to books. I can play on PlayStation or Android. I love RPG games such as The Sims, Harvest Moons and Final Fantasies. Sometimes, I play horror games like Resident Evils. Lately, I am addicted to time management and hidden object games on my Android. For me, playing games is not an entertainment, it is also a media of learning. Please remind me to write some reviews of games I’ve ever played someday.

The seventh and the last: cooking

I find my love in cooking when I was a college student living in a dormitory. At first, I cook only because I need to eat and since I live in a dormitory, I need to cook my own meal. However, it turns out that I start to love the idea to turn raw foodstuffs into delicious meals.