Welcome to Magica,  a land where magic prospers!!! The world of magic! This is the kingdom where you can find magic everyday! This is the kingdom where magical beings coexist with non-magical beings! This is the kingdom where magical adventures are endless and told over and over again! This is…

Huh? Sorry? You said I’m rambling? But this little tour needs a bit grand introduction… Okay, okay, let’s move on then.

I’m Sylvanna Aldaine, the best reporter and journalist in the kingdom. Today, I will be your humble guide to introduce you to the only and the most popular magic school in this country: Magica Academy! Be my honoured guests! Can you see the largest circular building in the north of the capital city, almost the same size as the Jupiter, the royal palace of the king? Yup! That is our pride, Magica Academy.

But, before we step further into the academy, I want to give you a brief introduction about its establishment. Magica Academy was built due courtesy of King Stephanus VII of Magica. He was the first king to announce the end of living in hiding for all mages in the kingdom after the crown prince was saved by a magician. At first, it was not easy for both sides to live together, but that happened so long ago and the detail is so boring so I will not elaborate further. The most important thing is that after hundred years, right now, we live in harmony. So, let’s forget the past and move on!

Magica Academy and the community surrounding it always develops.  Each time, the academy will send its instructors to all parts of the kingdom to find the new mages and bring them back to be trained into powerful mages who can live in harmony with their fellow mages and common people and use their magic power for good deeds. What? What? You want to ask a question?

You want to enrol at the academy? Well, I’m afraid that since it is a magic school, you cannot study here except if you have magical power inside you. And now you ask me how to be a mage? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but mages are people who were born with magical powers. If you are not born with magic inside you, you are not a mage. But, don’t worry. The Mistress, that’s our headmaster, has opened an opportunity for common people. Though, we can’t guarantee that you will be able to do magic after learning it for some times. Even if you are lucky enough, you will end up at the Purple Dormitory, at the most.

Well, you want to know about the Purple Dormitory? Be patient. We will get to that, soon. Here, take a look at the map of the first floor of Magica Academy.

First Floor

Huh? Why it looks like a pentagram? Well, though it looks circular outside, the building is actually a large pentagram. Pentagram is the symbol of magic, after all. So, I guess that is the reason why the architect – I heard he was a white mage- designed it that way. I will explain all the rooms one by one. Let us move on to the hall.



Okay. Here it is. The Hall. This is the main entrance to the academy. This is the only and the last room in the academy anybody can enter freely. If you want to go any further, you need to have the permission. Two mages will be assigned in rotation as the receptionist, so there you go when you want to ask for permission. You know what else a receptionist does, right? I guess I do not need to explain their basic duties. I will tell you their special duties instead.

You see those large boards at each side of the hall? They are our billboards. We call the right billboard “the request board”. This is the board where all requests from all over the country -even from other countries, though it is so rare- are put on. Let us see one closely. Here. Every request has similar format. The first one is the objective. The objective of this one is “Clean Off Stinger Bugs”. You see the little square next to the object? Yes, it is green. It means the request can only be taken by the Green Mage since only a Green Mage has the ability to finish the request. Under the objective is an image, if necessary. Then, the location of the request. The last one, and it is the most important part, is the payment we can get after we finish the request.

What? Why people should pay us when asking for our help? You find the idea gruesome? You think we should use our magic to help common people freely? Well, I’ll tell you something: WE’RE MORTAL, TOO! We need to eat. We need to survive. Being a mage is like a profession here. We provide our service for common people who need magical help. They will come and process their request together with the receptionists. We never demand or set the price. We will let them decide how much they want to pay. If they do not have money at all and offer things such as food, artifact or any others, we will understand. So, the payment is not always in the form of money. BUT, of course, if the request is given by some influential people and it is a dangerous one, we will ask higher price.

The thing is, though this academy looks grand and luxurious, mages are not always wealthy people. There are some of us who come from respected and wealthy families, but there are some of us  who are orphans or poor. The academy is funded by the kingdom, of course, but the fund is used for the operational needs of the school. The pocket money given to us is not enough to last us for a month. We need to take the requests and earn our money. Do you still want to be a mage after knowing that?

Okay. I like your spirit. Now, let us see the left billboard. When the right billboard is specifically made for posting the requests from outside people for inside people, the left billboard is specifically made for posting our requests. Yup. We need something like this, too. Just think about it. It’s not that all the problems out there can be divided equally to each kind of magic. Sometimes, people only request for Red Mages. Sometimes, there is no request at all for Purple Mages. Sigh. If we only rely on the request board, we will starve to death. So, we create another billboard to help those who rarely get request. Hey, what are you looking at? I’m not included! I’m special!

Anyway, besides advertisements, we also post the publication of our magazines or journals here. If we hold a party or festival, either for mages only or public, we will post it here, too. Any activities we have, we will share them on this billboard. Any changes of class, we will post them here, too. Any announcements, warnings, news, anything unrelated to requests, you can find them in this left billboard. So, it will not be wise for any mage to look only at the request board. You have to look at both billboards, okay? Remember that!