Review: Lucinda’s Secret


Lucinda’s Secret by Holly Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The more you know, the more danger you’re in.

And trust me, you don’t want to meddle with the Little People.”

This is the third book of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

Grace siblings have a heated argument over Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide. Since Jared finds and gets engrossed in the book, many weird and freakish things happen around them: a bunch of hostile Goblins kidnapping Simon, a griffin staying on their carriage house, a berserk house boggart making mischiefs, and God knows what else.

Maybe it is time for them to destroy the book and the danger it entails. Or maybe it is time for them to learn it more from someone who knows the book and the writer: the daughter of the said writer, their own great aunt, Lucinda Spiderwick, who resides in an asylum.

They learn much more from the visit: that their aunt may not be a lunatic at all, that Arthur Spiderwick may be still alive somewhere, that there is a particular being who wants the book for the information inside, and that they must be smarter than any fairies to survive.

What I do like from this book:

  • It is good to find out that Lucinda isn’t a mere mentioned name in the whole story, but rather an important character in the plot. But I truly pity her. When she is still a little girl, her father’s gone missing without telling her and the rest of the family where he will go and whether he will ever come back. Then the faeries keep abusing her up to the point where she should leave her house to stay in an asylum with a hunched back forever. She can’t tell anybody the truth and she even can’t enjoy human food anymore. If Arthur is still alive, I hope the three Grace children will tell him some words about how he is being a bad father to the innocent Lucinda and that he owes the biggest apology ever to his daughter.
  • The elves make their appearance!! From all kinds of Faeries in fairy tales, I love the elves the most. It is always said that they are the only kind with the closest appearance to human kind, except their slightly pointed ears and wings. And usually, they are far more beautiful than human kind, even the male ones.

What I don’t like from this book:

  • The cliffhanger. Lucinda, the elves, and the Phooka seems to hint that Arthur Spiderwick is indeed still alive and somehow is held captive in Faeries’ world, in the same manner the elves want to keep Jared forever with them in exchange of the guide. And I’m dying to know the truth.
  • It is clearly said in the first book that Lucinda has let the Grace stay in the house. Helen even clearly tells the children, “If your great-aunt Lucinda hadn’t let us stay, I don’t know where we would have gone.” So, I find it a bit strange that Lucinda seems horrified to know that Helen and her children have been staying in her house, as if she never knows about it and never allows them to stay there.

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