Words are poison. If you have ever heard that saying but do not believe it, you might want to read this story further. Here, I will show you how poisonous words are to human mind.

It began when Rosalie approached me and talked to me out of the blue:

“I think Ethan is in love with you.”

It was a sunny day, too hot actually, that people tended to spend the day by slacking or being lazy. Well, at least, that was what I was doing at that time. I was sitting on my favourite stool at my favourite cafe drinking my favourite drink (non alcoholic, I assure you) and reading my favourite magazine when my favourite bartender dropped the bomb. Fortunately, I wasn’t drinking. Otherwise, I would get choked to my death (okay, that’s impossible). But still, unfortunately, I wasn’t ready and did not expect the statement that I was pretty sure I got very red even without looking at my reflection in the mirror.

“Wha-what are you saying? That’s absurd,” I said haltingly.

“He seems to care so much about you and he looks at you differently.”

“Well… That’s because we’re best friends.”

“Still, he’s a good guy for you. Why not dating him? I think it is time for you to have a boyfriend,” she winked.

“Well… I might think about that,” I laughed, rather hysterically, then moved away as fast as possible to avoid further conversation.

When I wanted to leave, I accidentally listened to (and eventually eavesdropped on) a very intriguing discussion among some boys from Red Dormitory.

“I think our Ethan is in love.”

My ears were standing upright upon hearing Ethan’s name.

“He keeps talking about this particular girl.”

“Do you know who she is?”

“No idea. I bet she is the one who always hangs around him a lot.”

I flushed. Were they talking about… me? Was the girl they mention… ME? Nah, that’s impossible. Ethan and I had been best buddies since our childhood. There was no way he falls in love with me. Or… was it possible? I thought about what Rosalie said over and over, not paying attention to my walking out of the cafe, until I bumped into…

“ETHAN!!!” I screamed.

“What?!” He flinched. “You’re screaming like you’ve seen a ghost!”

No. It’s just that you showed up at the wrong time. But I didn’t say it out loud.

Ethan looked at me closely. Too close that I could feel my cheeks heating.

“You’re so red. Are you okay?” He reached out to touch my forehead.

I pushed his hand away rather roughly.

“Nothing! I’m fine!”

For crying out loud, what happened to me? It must be the heat. From the sun, I meant.

“If you said so,” he said doubtfully. “Anyway, I’m glad to meet you here. I was looking for you.”

“Eh? F- for what?” I stuttered. The heat crept back to my face.

“Meet me under the usual cherry tree at the park tonight. There’s something important I want to tell you,” he blushed and walked away casually into the cafe.

I was paralyzed for a moment. He… blushed? He BLUSHED? Ethan never BLUSHED! Oh my God! I hope the earth opened up and swallowed me whole!

Breathe, Luna, breathe. There must be some explanations for that blush. Maybe it was because the sun playing trick on my eyes. Maybe the heat got me and made me seeing things. But, what Rosalie and the boys said in the cafe kept repeating themselves over and over. What if? No! NO! BIG NO! And again, Ethan asked me to meet him tonight to tell me something important? What would it be if it’s not a confession?

Three hours to go.

I kept pacing in circle in my room. What should I do if he was truly in love with me? What should I do if he confessed his feeling to me? I grabbed my head with both hands. It’s not that I did not like him. I liked him a lot. But not in that way. Just thinking about us being more than friend had given me a stupid headache.

Okay, this’s what I was going to do. I would meet him there and act casually like there’s nothing wrong. Everything was as normal as usual. I would tell him that I loved having him as a friend and it would be best for us to stay as friends. Nothing more. The end. That’s what I decided when I chose the clothes for the meeting.

Two hours to go.

Hmm, I guessed I would go with black since it suited me well. But red would make me look cuter. Ugh! What was I thinking right now?! I went to the mirror and looked at my reflection. Maybe I would put some make up for tonight. And could I do something with that blonde straight hair? It was too ordinary. Ahh! Take a grip, Luna.

One hour and a half later, I left the academy and started walking to the park. The sun had set completely, allowing soft breeze cooling the land. At the corner of the street, I saw Angelina walking her dog. She waved.

“Hai, Luna,” she greeted. Her eyes widened as she’s getting closer. “Wow, you look so beautiful. Going for a date or something?”

Somebody takes a gun and please shoots me in the heart.


Ethan had been waiting under the tree, gazing at the sky. He was completely lost in thought. It was so rare to see. Aw, he’s so cute. Oh my God! Stop it, Luna!

“Ethan, what’s up?” I called. Please get it over with or I might lose my sanity soon.

Ethan looked at me. He opened his mouth, but no words were out. Instead, he stared at me. “What are you wearing?”

“It’s nothing. Just say what you want to say!” I snapped, flustered by his attention.

“Well…” he began. “It’s kinda embarrassing…” He scratched his head and looked away.


“Actually… I promise Anna I will bring her a Duskshade Firefly, but I don’t know how to find one. So, I want to ask your help since you are a Green Mage.” He smiled sheepishly.

One minute passed. Two. Three. Everything was silent as if time had stopped moving. Then the loud sound of my palm met his cheek echoed. I turned away stomping in embarrassment and relief, leaving him stunned behind. Stupid me. Stupid Ethan. To think I got so worked up over nothing. What a great job you had done, Luna!!!

Several days later, somehow, Rosalie approached me again at the same situation with the same intention.

“I think Nick is in love with you, Luna.”

I only looked up from my magazine and said, “Will you please leave me alone?”

The End


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