Review: Case Closed, Vol. 3

Case Closed, Vol. 3
Case Closed, Vol. 3 by Gosho Aoyama

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I’m high-school detective Shinichi Kudo. When I went to an amusement park with my childhood friend and classmate, Ran Mouri, I saw a suspicious transaction between some men in black. While I was watching the deal, I didn’t notice another man in black coming at me from behind. The man gave me some poison, and when I woke up… My body had shrunk! If they found out that Shinichi Kudo was still alive, they will come after me and put people around me in danger. Following Professor Agasa’s advice to hide my true identity, I blurted out ‘Conan Edogawa’ when Ran asked for my name. In order to get more information on the men in black, I decided to stay with Ran whose father is a private detective. However, because her father is such a lousy detective, I’ve been using my own deductive ability to solve cases for him. Thanks to me, he’s a famous detective. I may have shrunk, but my intellect is still that of a great detective. There is always only one truth!”

This book consists of 2 finished cases.

This is a story of a secret admirer who can’t speak his feelings through words and chooses the way of murders instead.

Ran and Conan aren’t sure to either blame or thank Kogoro for his recklessness to forget the departure time of the ship they’re supposed to go aboard from their little tour on a little island. Luckily, Hatamoto’s family had celebrated the wedding of the youngest granddaughter of the family on that island and they offer Mouri to join them back to main island on their rented cruise ship. Little do they know that the family head of Hatamoto will get killed that day after some rumor of inheritance spread among the rest of the family. The husband of the new married couple is accused as the main suspect due to his relation as the sole heir of the owner of the rival company. Is it truly a revenge to avenge his father’s suicide due to the taking over of the company by Hatamoto or is it something entirely different? Sleeping Kogoro presents to solve the case once again.

This is the case of someone puts the blame of losing someone dear to another.

A surgeon comes to Mouri Agency bringing many used toys, admitting that he receives all the toys, along with some money, from unknown different addresses for each month in the last 2 years. Despite the happiness of his only boy to receive the toys, the surgeon feels afraid since he cannot find the giver among the circle of his coworkers, families, or even thankful patients. Moreover, today package includes a strange letter, indicating that the sender will take something of surgeon for the replacement of all the toys and money sent. By observing the medical record of the hospital where the surgeon works at, Conan manages to reveal yet another sad case.

What I do like from this book
• A long case involving a big family on a cruise ship. Long case means more complicated case. And in this case, the readers are falsely led to believe that the murderer is the avenging son of a dead rival businessman. I never thought that the real murderer will be the less suspicious and weakest member of the family. It shows that someone looking less dangerous can be the most dangerous of all.
• Ran is convinced that Conan is actually Shinichi after witnessing his behaviors during the second case. Yet, instead of thinking about the logic of a high-schooler turns into such a child, she concerns herself more in the events when she admits her interest in Shinichi. The way Conan tries to convince Ran otherwise by pretending to be extremely attracted to the toys is cute.
• The touching ending of the second case. A heart of a man full of hatred towards the surgeon failing to save his son’s life, leading to him planning to murder the surgeon’s son, melts by the innocent happiness of the surgeon’s son. The fact that the surgeon chooses to forgive the man and refuse to report him to the police for his attempted murder on his son by reasoning that he understands the feeling of a father is very touching. The surgeon truly has a big heart.

What I don’t like from this book
• The murderer in the first case whom I consider a totally psychopath. First, his motive for the first murder is his anger towards the victim who doesn’t bless his desire granddaughter, who is, in a sense, his cousin. It’s a poor reason to commit murder. To prevent unwanted decision regarding the inheritance is much better reason. Moreover, he does nothing to try to speak his feelings to the granddaughter. This man has courage to speak to his grandfather about his intention to marry the granddaughter, but he has no effort to approach the girl. He keeps painting her over, turning himself into a stalker instead of a secret admirer. And nobody notices his paintings after it is too late. He even kills another person to silence him and even hurts himself to avoid suspicion. What a crazy man.
• For the second case, I think the surgeon is a little bit too ‘stupid’, if I may use the harsh word. For a surgeon, I think he should have good enough deductive ability to find out the sender of the toys, money, letter, and flowers, especially from the flowers sent each 3 August. The date has spoken much. He, as the insider of the hospital, can gain access to the hospital record more easily than the outsiders. Can’t he try to find out what happened on previous 3-Augusts by himself? He shouldn’t need a detective to do that for him.
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