Review: A Night in Terror Tower

A Night in Terror Tower
A Night in Terror Tower by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goosebumps lovers will surely love this one…

American tourists Sue and her younger brother, Eddie, spend an average day exploring London when Eddie takes an interest on Terror Tower. Both of them join a small group of tourists with a guide leading them from room to room, explaining and narrating the tragic story of Prince Edward and Princess Susannah of York. However, before Sue can actually listen to the end of the story, Eddie distracts her by breaking her camera. When the commotion finally comes to a halt, they realize that the group has left them behind. And yet, they have to realize so many unusual things ahead.

They realize that they are completely alone in that tower, with a mysterious man in black spying on them earlier attempts to capture and kill them. They realize that the suite where their parents are supposed to wait for them is empty and no registration has been made for the room. They realize that their pocket money is worthless. They realize that they cannot remember even their last names. They realize that there’s something wrong with their memories or there’s something wrong with their surroundings. They realize that the three white stones in Eddie’s possession are not mere stones. Now, they realize that they must do something to escape from their terrible fate…

I definitely love the time-travel idea and the happy ending. Goosebumps series rarely have happy ending. Normally, when you think it is a happy ending, there will be a twist on the last paragraph or sentence that ruins the happy ending and practically turns it to a bad ending. Something to be reflected on this story: What does it feel to listen to your own story being told by somebody else to captivated audiences?
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