Review: My Hairiest Adventure

My Hairiest Adventure
My Hairiest Adventure by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What harm an expired tanning lotion could really do?

That’s what one of Larry’s friend says about a bottle of tanning lotion labelled INSTA-TAN, RUB ON A DARK SUNTAN IN MINUTES that Larry finds in a neighbor’s dumpster. As everybody else in his band consisting of four people including him, Larry applies the tanning lotion supposed to be expired several years ago.

At first, there’s no harm and change whatsoever. Until Larry notices a patch of thick, bristly, oily hair growing on his palms. Then on his knees and legs. And on his face. And no matter how hard he shaves it off his body, the hair keeps growing back more and more…

Still you dare to think that an expired tanning lotion will not do any harm?

This is what Goosebumps is supposed to be…

I really like the suspense in this story. At first, I wonder whether Hairy Larry gets the hair from the misuse of an expired lotion or the regular shot given to him by his pediatrician. My suspicion grows when the doctor warns Larry not to overexert himself since Larry does not have sweat glands. What kind of disease and abnormality is that? I know that dogs and cats do not have sweat glands. This is the first time I read a human does not have sweat glands. But my conclusion is quite different from the ending. When Larry notices that the number of stray dogs in his neighbourhood increases and some of them have similar appearance (hair and eyes colour) to his missing friends, I think that it’s about an experiment done by the pediatrician to turn human being into stray dog. I never think that the truth is actually the opposite. Bravo for tricking me about that part.

In the end, the expired tanning lotion has been proven harmless. However, it’s worthy to note to self: Do not take anything from your neighbourhood dumpster and do not use anything expired on your body.
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