Review: Attack of the Mutant

Attack of the Mutant
Attack of the Mutant by R.L. Stine

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Skipper Matthews is a collector and maniac of comic books. Yet, he reads only one, The Mutant Mask, which is a story of supervillain with similar name. One day, on his way to the dentist on a bus, he meets a girl named Libby who has the same interest on comic books. He is so preoccupied with their conversations about comic books that he misses his stop. However, he spots something familiar in the unfamiliar area he is forced to get off the bus. How could he not recognize a building he always sees – reads, actually – in his favorite comic book? What happened? Has he read too much his comic book? Is it only a coincidence that the building is totally similar to the secret headquarters of the Mutant? Or does the Mutant actually live nearby?

I’m trying not to be so subjective about this one to no avail. Personally, I have distaste for all things related to superhero and supervillain theme and reading this book gives me an impression of reading a Marvel book – and maybe R.L. Stine gets inspired by one of Marvel when writing this book, or does the Mutant Mask belong to Marvel? I want Goosebumps, not Marvel. So, there it goes my fifth star.

Secondly, I notice that Skipper is quite obsessed with his comic books and I know that feeling very well. If I meet a total stranger whose similar hobby, I might immerse myself in a conversation about the said hobby with him or her. If I miss my stop and get off the bus to find one of the buildings in my favorite book stands proudly there in front of me, I WILL go there, appointment or not appointment, everything else be damned. Instead, Skipper chooses to go to the dentist and checks on the building next day. He’s fine with that? Well, he actually thinks that the building is the secret headquarter of the Mutant Mask? Shouldn’t he ever consider that there must be someone else who loves the book and maybe that building is a building of a fan base? Or maybe it is a store dedicated to sell products of the Mutant Mask? Why don’t take a little more time to make sure what exactly the building is to, at least, kill his curiosity at that moment, if he has any, which he should have considering he reads and loves the book? Just a little peek, and once you know what it is, you can consider returning the next time you have free time. No. He just ‘almost’ goes inside the building, go to his dentist instead, and return the next day to find the building is not there anymore. Cliche. So predictable. There it goes my fourth star.

It turns out that Skipper is a part of the story, the only one who can save the superhero of the book who is held hostage by the supervillain. Cliche. Predictable. Again. No Goosebumps at all. There are so many stories where the hero or heroine becomes the most important character in the story, the only one to save the world, and eventually they manage to save the world or fulfill their role. A plain, ordinary, unpopular individual in the beginning and the most important being in the end. Such stories are so mainstream nowadays. Yet, each story has different features that make it special and interesting. Sadly, I found none in this one. The story gets more ridiculous when it reveals the cowardice of the superhero, leaving Skipper to play the role of superhero himself. There it goes my third and second star.

Well, I’m just being totally subjective on this review.
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