Review: Phantom of the Auditorium

Phantom of the Auditorium
Phantom of the Auditorium by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brooke and Zeke have nerves of steel. Nothing can scare them. So when their school decides to perform an old horror play that hasn’t been played anymore since 72 years ago, both of them are chosen to play the main characters. However, The Phantom has its own reason to not be performed anymore for such a long time. It’s because 72 years ago the boy who played the Phantom had been lost mysteriously and it is said that the ghost lurks in the auditorium since then.

Now that the play is going to be performed again, many terrible things happen. Everyone begins to accuse Zeke and Brooke as the brain behind those terrible things. Is it really them? Or is it just cruel jokes set by other parties who envy them for getting the main roles? Or is it true that the Phantom exists and gets annoyed with the re-open of the trapdoor in the auditorium, the one used for this play only?

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