Review: Ghost Beach

Ghost Beach
Ghost Beach by R.L. Stine

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Jerry and his sister, Terry, visit their relatives, Brad and Agatha, who live in a cottage near a beach and a cave. The cave often shows suspicious flicking lights from inside, and their trio friends claim that a ghost lives inside. The trip even ask them to help sealing the cave in order to trap the ghost inside forever. However, accidentally Jerry and Terry meet the old ghost. But the old ghost claims that the actual ghosts are their trio friends, and he has investigated the area for so long to trap the trio inside. Who’s saying the truth?

I can’t stop thinking that this one is almost similar to the first book, though this time the enemies are ghosts instead of zombies. It is similar in the way they find out the anomaly by reading the names of their friends and their relatives on the cemetery. That’s why the ending doesn’t surprise me at all.

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