Motivation: Acceptance


Recognize what you can change and what you can’t. In every moment, accept that everything is as it should be. Accept that your body is round and fat and glorious. Just love it. Accept that you don’t do things the way everyone else does. Just embrace it. Accept that sometimes your belly hurts, sometimes you don’t have enough money to pay the light bill, sometimes life is too hard. Just cry and move through it. Accept that you can’t do it all and who would want to, anyway? Accept a kind word. Don’t apologize. Accept a gift no matter how big, how small. Say “Thank you.” without embarrassment. Accept that life isn’t always fair and find the wonder in that, too. Don’t accept things that aren’t yours, like misdirected shame and blame. Like credit for someone else’s accomplishment. Like disrespect. Accept everything you are and nothing you are not.

– Rachel Snyder


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