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Review: Go Eat Worms!

Go Eat Worms!
Go Eat Worms! by R.L. Stine

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Todd is very obsessed with worms. He collect many worms for many things: science project, hobby, and even joke. However, after he slices in front of the other worms and his sister, Regina and friend, Beth, everything changes. Now the worms are very obsessed with him…

Well, just because I give it only one of five stars does not mean it is a bad book at all. In fact, the suspense is really good and keeps me wondering what will happen next, what really happens and why and how and blah blah blah. However, I have several personal reasons that make me hesitant to add another star. First, I absolutely loathe worms, and this book is definitely about worms, so… you can guess yourself. Second, I know Goosebumps often uses out-of-the-world phenomena and ideas, and so far I think this one is the weirdest and the most unacceptable of all. And third, well, I guess it because of my hatred after all…

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Review: The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It only needs enchanting words spoken aloud from a superstitious book to make them alive…

Jodie and Mark spend their summer holiday on a farmland of their grandparents. However, this summer everything seems different. Stanley, a worker on the farmland, keeps telling them a joke about him making the scarecrows alive at midnight. But it should be a joke, right? Or a kind of terrible joke his son does to scare them the town folk, right? Or else…

Well, I guess if they could really make scarecrows alive like that, they would not have to bother puppeteering the scarecrows anymore. Just order them to do their business ^^

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Review: Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble
Deep Trouble by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This time, Goosebumps presents an adventure on waters.

Billy and Sheena always spend their holiday on board of Cassandra, a ship owned by their scientist uncle, Dr. D, who is on a mission to find a new water species. One afternoon, while adventurous Billy exploring the reef and the lagoon near the ship, a shark attacks him. Fortunately, he is saved by no other than the new species that Dr. D looks for, a mermaid!

However, it seems all adults around him want the mermaid for their own advantages, and Billy wants to return the mermaid back to the ocean. Can he save the mermaid who has saved his life?

Somehow, I think this book will make a good movie as another version of The Little Mermaid.

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Review: Monster Blood II

Monster Blood II
Monster Blood II by R.L. Stine

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Another adventure of Evan and Andy with the same Monster Blood… in a bloodier way.

No one believes Evan when he tells about a can containing a green liquid which will not stop growing. Who will? But then Andy proves the blood’s existence by giving Cuddle a spoonful of it. Now the whole school facing a really great trouble when they find out that the hamster in the science class is growing bigger and bigger.

Why I get the impression that most main characters of Goosebumps are those who always being bullied by others?

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Review: Why I’m Afraid of Bees

Why I'm Afraid of Bees
Why I’m Afraid of Bees by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“If you’re afraid of bees, I have to warn you – there are a lot of bees in this story.”

Gary Lutz hates being himself. There are boys who like to beat him into a pulp, no one like to have him in their team since he is really bad in sport, and his family make a fool out of him. But most importantly, he hates bee, and Mr Andretti next door keeps bee and has a habit to use his bees to scare Gary off. For a moment, he wants to take a rest by being someone else. He is given the chance by a suspicious agency offering him to change with another body for a full week. Unfortunately, a terrible thing happens in the process, and Gary should endure the fact that he is trapped inside a body of the animal he hates the most.

I truly appreciate how Gary works really hard to get his old body back in that tiny puny limited body.

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Review: One Day at Horrorland

One Day at Horrorland
One Day at Horrorland by R.L. Stine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome to Horrorland, Where Nightmares Come to Life!

Sometimes it is fun to be scared. But it is too hard to tell whether the scares here are for fun or for real. Are there dangers in this place? Or is it all a big scary joke?

Lizzy and the gang (her younger brother and friend, father and mother) get lost on their way to the Zoo Garden Themes Park. They accidentally stumble upon an amusement park named Horrorland and decide to spend their day there instead. However, they find that the park is much too serious in scaring visitors.

A bit warning from this sequel: do make a habit to really pay attention on every signs. They are surely made to be read thoroughly.

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Review: You Can’t Scare Me!

You Can't Scare Me!
You Can’t Scare Me! by R.L. Stine

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Courtney is very well known for her bravery and she really like to smug about it. Eddy, Charlene, Hat and Molly try every way possible to scare her, to prove that she can be scared as well. Unfortunately, not just all the plans are failed, they seem to backfire the group. Then they come up with a greatest plan ever; they try to terrify the girl that can be terrified at all with the legend of the town: The Mud Monsters. Neither of both parties realize that sometimes a legend is not mere a legend.

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