Review: The Iron King

The Iron King
The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is definitely should be on the must-be-read list!

In the beginning, the story is almost a plain story of 16-year-old girl with ordinary teenager’s problems: having a crush, acting stupid around him, being bullied by the friends in the school, being stuck in a family with an ignorant stepfather and demanding mother and a 4-year-old half brother who believes in monsters and the world beyond the world they live in. Nothing really special. Just… normal.

Until someday the brother is not the brother anymore and the best friend admits himself as a character of a play by Shakespeare and insists that characters supposed to be only myths, legends and fairy tales are actually real and live in the other world named Nevernever and that the girl is actually a part of them.

Learning the fact that she is a half human and half fey, Meghan Chase enters Nevernever to rescue Ethan, her brother, who’s been captured by an enemy from the magical world. She makes truly an interesting journey together with Grimalkin the cat, her best friend Puck, and Ash, a supposed-to-be-enemy-but-then-turns-into-a-lover Ice Prince.

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