Review: The Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter
The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Meghan goes to the Unseelie Court with Prince Ash as a return for his favor in helping her rescuing her half brother from the Iron King, Machina. It’s such a difficult position for Meghan to live in Winter fey’s territory, but a deal is a deal. Not long afterward, the Iron Fey manages to break into the court, killing Sage, the crown prince, and stealing the Scepter of Seasons. Does not believe in the existence of Iron Fey, the Winter Queen blames the Summer King for the crimes and starts a war between Winter and Summer Fey.

Again, the book provides a breath-taking adventure of the half-human-half-fey Meghan in Nevernever, together with her forbidden love Ash, her best friend Puck, and Grimalkin the sneaky cat. This time the journey is merrier with the presence of others helping them out, from the old enemy who turns into a loyal ally to the Queen of Exiles with her people who consist of half breeds and those exiled from Nevernever.

The romance gets better with each flip of the pages, and obviously bitter. (Bitter seems like the best word to explain forbidden love, I guess). No matter how strong they love each other, Meghan is a Summer fey while Ash is a Winter fey. The Nevernever has an unbreakable law forbidding the two opposite sides to fall in love with each other and will banish those who dare to disobey forever to the mortal world. Due to the law and the fact that Puck, a Summer fey as well, loves Meghan, and Meghan admits that she loves Puck as well though her love for him is different and not as strong as her love for Ash, Ash decides to give up on her. I begin to think that if I want to have a happy ending for this, I should vote on Meghan and Puck rather than Meghan and Ash. But surprisingly, Julia Kagawa does not let me feel disappointed. They still stick together in the end, though with very great price and sacrifice.
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