Review: Iron’s Prophecy

Iron's Prophecy
Iron’s Prophecy by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“He is a remarkable creature, born of Summer, Winter and Iron, an anomaly among all his kind. Human and Fey, with the magic of all three courts flowing through his veins, he will possess a power none have ever seen.”

It is the last journey of our beloved heroes and heroine from The Iron Fey series, taking place right after Ash the Winter Prince earns his soul and weds his beloved girl, Meghan the Iron Queen, and together live happily in Iron Realm. Until the Oracle shows up and shatters their joy.

Meghan and Ash expect their first newborn son. But what parents do not worry when the Oracle tells that one of many futures possible to the child is as a Destroyer of the world? Meghan and her husband, accompanied by Puck and Grimalkin go to the Oracle’s place to find a way to avoid the terrible future of their son, who will be on the balance of Nevernever.

“You will not give it up, even though it will bring you nothing but grief?”

The Oracle once again offers to take the unborn baby away from Meghan, the same offer she gave when Meghan asked her help when she went to save her brother Ethan. Even now, when she realizes that the child will do harm for her court, her family and her world, Meghan gives the same answer: No. The story finishes with Meghan and Ash’s determination to keep their unborn baby still, no matter what lies ahead. And maybe we can see whether the baby will be a catastrophe on other series by Julie Kagawa about the fey world. I can barely wait!

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