Review: Ecstasy Unveiled

Ecstasy Unveiled
Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I never predict that Lore will be the main character. First, he is just revealed in the third book, and at first it seems he is not an important character compared to other minor characters. Second, I have an impression that the fourth book will be about Kynan, recalling he always shows up in previous books and now he is a very important character. Now that I know it’s not about him, I feel sorry for him. But since Lore is the lost brother of the Seminus brothers, I think it makes sense for him to lead the story this time. I really like the scene where he made himself recognized by his brothers by punching Eidolon in a room where nobody can hurt anybody except the Seminus brothers. It’s not every day somebody tells you that he or she is your sibling by punching you.

Lore is a half human and a half Seminus demon working as an assassin for a demon. In order to get himself and his twin sister free from the slavery, he agrees to kill a charmed man with his ability: killing only with a touch of his bare right hand. But it’s not getting easy since the man is a friend of his recently-found brothers. Not to mention that a gorgeous angel is sent to protect the target as well.

Idess is threatened to be stuck on earth for more decades. The charmed human she is assigned to protect is in a mortal danger and she should save him to get her wings and back to Heaven. To her surprise, the attacker, the attracting human-Seminus demon, is also her responsibility to protect. She begins to think that something or someone wants to destroy her and while she tries to find out who and why, she becomes more and more involved with the male.

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